by Kai Krösche, Kolja Burgschuld
Austria, 2020

Stills aus Gegenschein, Kai Krösche, Kolja Burgschuld

3 a.m. in one of those anonymous cities: in the echoes of an exuberant party, a young man and a young woman meet in the red glow of a traffic light. The disappointed expectations for an exciting evening are quickly transferred to the unexpected encounter and soon the way home becomes a journey through the deserted urban night. Playful flirt turns serious when the man‘s eyes wander to a faint light in the sky. Despite her initial fear that he is romantically gazing at the stars, his eyes are searching the sky for Gegenschein: „the sun casting its shadow in the night“. From a brief moment of intimacy, a mercilessly honest game of questions and answers emerges, which finally ends in a confession: „What‘s the worst thing you‘ve ever done?“

Kai Krösche, Kolja Burgschuld | Director
Kolja Burgschuld, Victoria Halper, Kai Krösche, James Stanson, EINZELKIND PRODUCTIONS | Producer
Ruper Kasper | Director of Photography
Alma Kugic | Costume Designer
Arthur Fussy | Music


Tobias Artner | Him
Victoria Halper | Her



9 October | 19:30
Freak Folks
Stay Awake, be Ready
Verklärte Nacht
Dial'nica desat'