Liebes Leben

by Julia Schmidt
Germany, 2020

Stills aus Liebes Leben, Julia Schmidt

Between documentation and performance, the story of an ordinary couple is told on the basis of their estate found by chance. Through their old video magnifier, the two lives unfold in form of letters, photos, brochures and a cassette.

In 1952 G√ľnter writes the first letter. He has Traude's contact from a dating agency. Hundreds of letters follow and yet one only gains insight into part of the relationship; moments spent apart.

It is an exploration of two lives, artificially constructed from objects left behind, illustrating how the unremarkable becomes remarkable through the intimacy of an everyday love story.

Julia Schmidt | Director, Writer, Producer, Editor



9 October | 17:30
Liebes Leben
Hoda's House
Vincent before Noon
Blue Distance