Dial’nica desat‘

by Jozef Eduard Masarik
Switzerland, 2019

Dial’nica desat‘

Memories of a never visited place being the letimotif of the film, this cinematographic project is balancing on the thin border between memory and fantasy. The border is a place where it is difficult to distinguish a fantastic image of real place from a fantasy of an imaginary place. Even if some places exist only in our memories, they are not necessarily mere fantasies. And the other way round, the image of a never visited place, can still be based on memories.

Jozef Eduard Masarik | Director, Writer
Pau Saiz Soler | Writer HEAD Geneve | Producer



9 October | 19:30
Freak Folks
Stay Awake, be Ready
Verklärte Nacht
Dial'nica desat'