Amniotic Anitdote

Tintin Patrone developed leontopodium_fortuna.wav as part of the fourth call for concepts of REAKTOR Potenziale. She had texts of madrigals, pastoral poems and folk songs analyzed by an artificial intelligence and used them as a starting point for a new libretto. From the abundance of primary texts, the machine distilled the content and atmospheric core of the alpine and shepherd idyll and came up with surprisingly spooky text creations.

In leontopodium_fortuna.wav, the performance and sound artist Tintin Patrone has cleverly interwoven elements of a digital chamber opera, performance and the immersive setting into a shrill media work about ideology, longing and modern working environments.

Voices | Kaoko Amano, Johann Leutgeb, Thimotheus Maas, Lukas Anton
Performers | Juri Baumgartner, Annika Lorenz, Julia Müllner, Alexander Novak
Sound | Alexander Yannilos
Hologram | Tim Huys

Video | Martin Nefe & Philipp Windsor-Topolsky - Camera & Light, Jakob Plattner - Cut & Postproduktion
REAKTOR | Sebastian Jobst & Anna Resch - Projektmanagement, Katharina Pötz - Administration, Bernhard Kammel - Director

Shows | 14 & 15 October 2022

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