Amniotic Anitdote

The immersive performance installation Amniotic Antidote lead visitors into a distorted mirror of a ‘Kuranstalt‘. Intertwined into a fantastic amalgam of science and emotion the dystopic universe explored questions of social alienation and of isolation and searched for possible cures. The iconographic leitmotif of water, that occurs in mythologies as well as in modern models of the world as the origin of life and medium for cleansing, was permeating the installation and was an example for the concept's fluidity.

The concept by Last Oblivion, Tina Damgaard (SE) & Elena Biner (CH), was selected among 235 submissions from artists from over 50 countries for REAKTOR Potenziale's third call for concepts and was performed and developed in collaboration with Zosia Hulobowska (PL).


Tina Damgaard & Elena Biner, Zosia Hulobowska, Boeser Ruepel, Joasia Zabielska, Anna Mutschlechner-Dean, Florin Koller

Art editions of the designs, that were part of the installation, are available.


Empfehlungen der Redaktion