The Outer Reaches of the Inner Self

An Artistic Exploration of the Psycho-Pathological Landscape by Christian Fogarolli

REAKTOR Potenziale 2020 | Exhibition

In his works Christian Fogarolli analyses historical and contemporary concepts of psychological and physical sanity and illness. In the project Stone of Madness, the artist created a connection between present and past in the perception of the mental illness. Starting from a traditional belief of northern Europe in the Medieval era in which the stones in the patients’ skulls would cause insanity, Fogarolli uses this concept to serve as a thematic and iconographic crystallization point to think about how psychic discomfort is seen today and how we try to eradicate it.

In the course of this year’s REAKTOR Potenziale exhibition Fogarolli will situate REAKTOR’s main hall on the thin line between science and alchemy with a large scale installation. Screenings of a film by the artist will accompany the installation.

Christian Fogarolli lives and works in Trento in Italy, and Prague in the Czech Republic. Among other international exhibitions, the results of his research have been on display at the dOCUMENTA (13), the 5th Moscow International Biennale, de Appel arts centre of Amsterdam, MART Museum of Rovereto; The Maison Rouge in Paris and more. 2020 works by Christain Fogarolli are exhibited in the Musée d’histoire de la Medicine in Paris, France, in MARe Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest, Romania, at STATE Experience Science in Berlin, Germany.

His concept for the second edition of REAKTOR Potenziale was chosen among 160 submissions by artists from 39 countries.

Exhibition | 20.10. - 24.10.2020


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