Fever, Fire & Flame


Operetta / Opera / Cinema

27.09. - 29.09.2018

With the Fever, Fire & Flame theme as part of our Operetta / Opera / Cinema series, love as a force of nature is glimpsed from three different perspectives, like a flash of light sudden illuminating a dramatic cloud chamber. The REAKTOR invites audiences to attend the contemporary adaptation of the operetta Die schöne Galathée by oper.ganz.nah, the operatic production of Jeanne & Gilles by sirene Operntheater, and an alternating screening of two gems of Soviet filmmaking –Formula of Love, Soviet Union 1984, directed by Mark Zakharov (loosely based on a story by Aleksey Tolstoy) and Nachalo, Soviet Union 1970, directed by Gleb Panfilov. 

The common theme underlying all four stories revolves around humankind’s helpless surrender to love. Whether it’s fulfilment or perdition, no-one escapes the throes of love, the focal point of all the great stories from time immemorial.

OPERETTA | The oper.ganz.nah ensemble has transposed Franz von Suppé’s comedic reworking of the ancient story of Pygmalion to an almost contemporary setting, demonstrating that a story about a woman dreamed up by the fantasy of men remains as relevant as ever. Indeed, the dynamics of projection, veneration and appropriation are not unknown to recent relationships either.

OPERA | With Jeanne & Gilles the sirene Operntheater company has also chosen to focus on a historical story. Gilles de Rais falls in love with the charismatic Jeanne d’Arc and follows her unquestioningly into war. Love is a powerful force capable of rousing the best – but also the worst – in every human being. As Gilles loses his loved one, he also loses his grip on life and follows her in his own way.

CINEMA | The evenings are rounded off with two alternatingly screened films. Formula of Love tells the story of a young aristocrat and keen reader who falls in love with a statue on his country estate. Fate conspires to place the Magician Cagliostro in the village. Nachalo features a young amateur actress in a local theatre group who is discovered by a film director to play the lead role in his film Jeanne d´Arc.

6.30 pm Die schöne Galathée by oper.ganz.nah 

8 pm Jeanne & Gilles by sirene Operntheater

10 pm Formula of Love | Nachalo

Performance days: 21/23/26/27/28/29 September 2018 | Admission from 6 pm

Tickets for Fever, Fire, Flame: General pass EUR 33.00 / concessions EUR 20.00 | Die schöne Galathée EUR 18.00 / concessions EUR 12.00 | Jeanne & Gilles EUR 22.00 / concessions EUR 15.00 | Cinema EUR 9.00 / 6.00 | Concessions are available to visitors under the age of 18, military & civilian service personnel, students and apprentices up to the age of 25, and senior citizens. Ticket quotas are also available to holders of a Kulturpass. Please present a valid ID. Ö1 Club members are eligible for concessions for the performances of Jeanne & Gilles.

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