We Don't Dance for Nothing

by Stephanos Tai
HK, 2021
86 min

8. Oktober 2022 | 21:00

Stills aus We Don't Dance for Nothing

KIPOS Films, Parex Media, & The Film Development Council of Philippines present:

WE DON’T DANCE FOR NOTHING is a Photo-Montage love letter to the Filipina Domestic Workers of Hong Kong. This visual recreation of true memories shared by this community of 400,000 women (millions globally) follows one woman's plan to run away. Captured on Super-16 amidst the Hong Kong Protests, we blend stills with motion to highlight the passionate Street Dancing of these marginalized women, and touch upon LGBTQ+ themes, issues of Workers' Rights, and Hong Kong's changing political landscape.

\\ From Chinese - Greek - American director Stefanos Tai, the film has been described as “La Jetée” meets “La La Land”, and its use of stills vs. motion represent a bold new method of filmmaking: one which invites the viewer to viscerally experience the entrapment felt by these women, and their release into freedom when they dance. This will be the film to move beyond the staid media coverage of these women, and show them beyond their job descriptions, as people full of talent, joy, and grace.

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Behind The Technique - vimeo.com/657546694/b3d79d2786
Behind The Choreography - vimeo.com/665825079/0c835e1625
Press - linktr.ee/wedontdancefornothing

8. Oktober 2022 | 19:00

We Don't Dance for Nothing (HK 2021) by Stefanos Tai