The Library

by Renana Aldor
Israel, 2021
13 min

7. Oktober 2022 | 17:00

Stills aus The Library

The film revolves around the library in the historic building of the Van Leer Institute in Jerusalem. The library, whose design has not changed since its establishment in the 1970s, houses academic research literature in social sciences and humanities, and appears in the film as a spatial, conceptual, and emotional labyrinth.

The work is constructed as a successive weave of images offering a reflection on the interrelations between time, space, and body. The drama arises from the suspension of time and from minor and enigmatic occurrences, and it is not entirely clear whether the camera is tracing the librarian or rather searching for the library's core. The lingering, continuous, endless movement of the camera reveals the space of the library, but at the same time elicits a restrained tension, conveying foreboding overtones. This movement, in turn, generates a shift between different cinematic genres.

Renana Aldor | Director, Editor
Tal Ninyo | Cinematographer
Gal Hochberg, Dan Kisler | Sound Design & Recordings
Optn & Simon Hoffman | Original Score

7. Oktober 2022 | 17:00

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