by Katharina Pichler
AUT, 2021
10 min

8. Oktober 2022 | 19:00

Stills aus Murmur

"What would happen if at some point, natural and human-made sounds became indistinguishable from one another? Today, birds imitate telephones and people put little chirping boxes in their homes. Katharina Pichler soberly compiles such observations while nature and civilization come together audio-visually to ultimately merge in a portentous alliance." (Diagonale Festival of Austrian Film 2022, catalog text, cw)

Katharina Pichler | Director, Sound Recording
Harry James Kemp | DOP
Arno Friebes | Color Correction

8. Oktober 2022 | 19:00

Murmur (AT 2021) by Katharina Pichler
(CA 2021) by Federica Foglia
Green Thoughts
(UK 2020) by William Hong-xiao Wei
(DE 2021) by Andreas Zi├čler & Anna Lerchbaumer