Et Tu, Mr. Gonzalves ?

by Saurav ` Mookherji
IND, 2021

7. Oktober 2022 | 19:00

Stills aus Et Tu, Mr. Gonzalves?

The film captures the unalterable loneliness of a human soul who finds residues in the presence of a plant which is distinctively known for its strange character and thorns. The plant and the man become two parts of one soul who communicate in a bizarre way which could be easily interpreted as a disorder by the natural habitat. The incident that changes the life of the man and the plant will make the spectators think and leave with an uncomfortably aching feeling.

Saurav ` Mookherji | Director, Writer, Producer, Script
Antara Banerjee, Dr. Purba Chakraborty | Producer


Baban | "Mr. Gonzalves"

7. Oktober 2022 | 19:00

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