Terms and Conditions

by Amelie Befeldt Germany, 2020 20min

Fritz detests change. Despite challenges posed by price dumping, droughts and digitalization, he keeps running his small farm as he always has. Unless Fritz, his daughter Amelie doesn’t want to accept the status quo and tries to improve the financial situation of the farm. In search of a second source of income, she begins selling stock footage video clips of everyday farming life. Even though her dad, brother and sister-in-law are not exactly fond of cameras, production starts smoothly. But just when things are looking up, the family comes to realize: no matter where, if online or offline, it’s invariably business according to someone else’s terms and conditions.

Amelie Befeldt | Director, Writer, Editor, DOP
Peter Zorn und Marcie K. Jost, worklight media production | Producer



8 October | 15:30
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