Winfried Ritsch


Gesang der Orgel

10.11. - 14.11.2021

Vernissage mit Gesangsperformance | 10.11.2021, 20 Uhr | TICKETS via Wien Modern

Öffnungszeiten Klanginstallation (Eintritt frei) | 11.11.-13.11.2021, 16-20 Uhr

Finissage mit Gesangsperformance | 14.11.2021,17 Uhr | TICKETS an der Abendkassa

Gesang der Orgel (the song of the organ) is a traversable sound installation for three register organ pipes, bass register, six large glissandi pipes and one singer. Organ pipes from a Hradetzky church organ are spread around the rooms of the Reaktor; each pipe is playable individually within a computer network. This spatially distributed organ is not just part of an acoustic set design, but constitutes a decentral robotic sculpture while exhibited and played. The acoustic / musical repertoire of this installation spans from manipulated tones and clusters to short speech-like phrases to barely noticeable glissandi. The individual organ pipes can be controlled by a computer in terms of volume and airflow, but also by fine tuning. These malleable tunings enable a ‘harmonic unison’ of overtones, where different wave sounds and rhythms only appear to be repeating themselves.

The sound installation will be inaugurated live with the singer Lissie Rettenwander. Here, human and machine will become so connected that the computer organ will imitate human singing. In the following days, this computer singing will vary and be repeated in loops. Instead of a keyboard, the voice and the microphones become the organ’s interface. Visitors will see an algorithmic composition which can play on indefinitely. The sound experience ends with another vocal performance at the finissage.


Winfried Ritsch: Computerorgel

Lissie Rettenwander: Stimme

Eine Koproduktion von Winfried Ritsch und REAKTOR.

Tickets: 20 € (ermäßigt mit Personal Pass / <27: –50%), 20% Rabatt für Standard-Abonnenten

Foto: (c) Winfried Ritsch

Gefördert durch das Bundesministerium für Kunst, Kultur, öffentlichen Dienst und Sport

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