Manu Mayr & Robert Pockfuß




Manu Mayr | electric bass, electronics
Robert Pockfuß | electric guitar, electronics

schtum concentrates the spectrum of oscillations of controlled rhythm, noise, or microtonality into an aesthetic between machine and organ. Processes set in motion by the instruments are overstimulated, alienated, superimposed, disturbed until they break - like a shouted-out voice. In this electro-acoustic world of feedback loops, sub-bass interference and noise chirping, the template for the playing field in which schtum moves is created.

schtum transform elements of electronic dance music into detailed, oversized sound close-ups. In repetitive structures, sound details reveal constantly new layers that detach themselves repetition by repetition, thus developing a life of their own and leaving behind an abstract-emotional depth. The minimalist sound is created by schtum with signals from guitar, bass and bass drum module fed through effect pedals.

After concerts at renowned festivals for electronic music such as CTM in Berlin's Berghain, Sonic Protest in Paris, Donaufestival Krems, Novas Frequencias in Rio de Janeiro or Gamma Festival in St. Petersburg, Manu Mayr and Robert Pockfuß conceived a special programme for REAKTOR.

For the concert in REAKTOR, a shift of the sound spectrum from the low frequencies, which have been characteristic of schtum up to now, to the high frequencies is planned. This musical change of perspective opens up a new, creative playing field for Robert Pockfuß and Manu Mayr.

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Photo credits:
Andreas Gnigler