airborne extended


PRISM IX „another air“



airborne extended

Elena Gabbrielli, flutes
Caroline Mayrhofer, recorders/paetzold
Sonja Leipold, harpsichord
Tina Žerdin, harp


Peter Jakober (AT, 1977) | New work
for flute, recorder, harp, harpsichord & electronics, 2023, premiere

Kuba Krzewiński (PL, 1988) | Another Air II
for flute, recorder, harp, harpsichord & fans, 2017/2022, premiere

Salvatore Sciarrino (IT, 1947) | Siciliano
for flute and harpsichord, 1975

Matthias Kranebitter (AT, 1980) | Pancrace Royer: The Harpsichord Pieces
I. La Marche de Scythes
II. la Sensible
flute, recorder, harpsichord and electronics, 2017

Rachel C. Walker (USA, 1994) | New work
for flute, recorder, harp, harpsichord & objects, 2022, premiere

Tickets | 15 € /10 €
STANDARD discount / Ö1 Club

The PRISM concert series by airborne extended is gratefully supported by: BMKÖS, CITY OF VIENNA MA7, SKE

Photo credits: Ivan Kitanovic, Kyriaki Drakoti