Im Bett des Imaginariums


A live radio play by büro lunaire & PHACE



Concept | büro lunaire
Text, voice | Gina Mattiello
Electronic, sound design | Reinhold Schinwald
Violin | Ivana Pristasova
Viola | Petra Ackermann
Violoncello | Roland Schueler

The text of the live radio play is an attempt of poetic intensification in the form of footnotes. The author moves in space around a Kunstkopf-microphone while speaking the text. The recordings are played to the audience in real time via wireless headphones.

Consequently the audience not only perceive the text from the narrator's perspective, but also immerse into an interplay between closeness and distance, interior and exterior perception, as well as real and artificial spaces.

Remains of landscapes emerge, memory particles, day or night dreams: fragments rushing away in different directions. The language oscillates between what the author perceives, as well as objets trouvés from the visual arts, literature and philosophy. The compositions for string instruments and live electronics woven into the text allow the literary fragments to grow into the imaginary. (büro lunaire)

A production by büro lunaire and PHACE in cooperation with REAKTOR

Reinhold Schinwald | grid II (2022) | Streichtrio und Live-Elektronik, 12'
Clara Ianotta | dead wasps in the jam jar (2014-2015) | Violine, 3'
Christoph Herndler | Supermixen | Viola und Cello (2001) 8′
Klaus Lang | die ränder der welt. (2005) | Violine | 8'
Marco Momi | Premiere Berceuse sur rien (2019) | Viola und Elektronik, 10'
Enno Poppe | Fingernagel (2009) | Violine und Viola, 2′
Franck Bedrossian | The Spider as an Artist (2014) | Cello, 8‘
German Toro-Perez | Rulfo / ecos II (2006) | Streichtrio und Live-Elektronik, 8'

Photos: Dina Lucia Weiss, Daniel Wolf, Hans Klestorfer