Ei Gen Klang

Music performance



Flora Geißelbrecht (viola / voice / lyrics)

Bernhard Hadriga (guitar & electronics / videos / lyrics)

Jul Dillier (Prepared Grand Piano / Texts)

EX OVO OMNIA – Everything comes from the egg!

In the idiosyncratic music performance “EI GEN KLANG” Jul Dillier, Flora Geißelbrecht and Bernhard Hadriga draw inspiration from the complexity of the egg.

With the egg in their ear, they take their audience through their bizarre, touching, graceful, mischievous and intoxicating universe of sounds and texts around the oval. With somnambulistic determination and ease, you move stylistically from industrial beats to Renaissance sounds, from daddy poems to songs, from jazz to contemporary music.

The three musicians also expand on their jointly developed compositions, which show that they have their origins in free improvisation, with their own texts, video projections, light and shadow plays and a tasting. This creates a variety of entry points and fields of association that encourage a broad audience on all sensory levels to engage with a topic that is older than humanity and seems to have fascinated humanity from the beginning to the present day.


Doors open one hour before the concert begins. 

Tickets at the entrance | € 15,- / 10,-
Subscription advantage | Ö1 Club
Cash only