New date | REFLEKTIONEN with Angélica Castelló and Marino Formenti | The piano in our lives, ein Dialog


A concert cycle by Bösendorfer and REAKTOR



Unfortunately, the concert had to be postponed due to illness. The 15 April is the new alternative date for the concert.

Angélica Castelló | conzept, Paetzold, tapes, radios, electronics
Marino Formenti | conzept, piano

Angélica Castelló and Marino Formenti create an evening whose associative starting and reference point is the piano. Playfully and fluidly, they will approach pieces for and with piano from the Middle Ages, the Baroque and contemporary compositions (also by Angélica Castelló herself) based on chance processes. In the process of their musical dialogue, Castelló and Formenti will create instant compositions from the prepared pieces.

The performance format as well as the joint interplay between piano, flutes, tapes and electronics will give a very immediate access to the musical influences of the two musicians. Nevertheless, in this special form of a conversation concert, explanations or a clear separation between language and music will be deliberately avoided. The audience is invited to take different perspectives on the concert evening and to measure the opened sound spaces themselves - room for notes.

The traditional piano manufacturer Bösendorfer, together with REAKTOR, an art institution focusing on new music and experimental varieties of contemporary music, invites composers and interpreters to present artistic sources of inspiration, influential pieces from music history as well as their own compositions. In discussion concerts, the participants will provide insights into their creative processes as well as into their confrontations with the canon in search of individual musical expression.

For the organization of this salon, the cooperation partners Bösendorfer and REAKTOR are deepening their collaboration in order to jointly present a varied course between new music and classical music. The concerts will alternate between REAKTOR and Bösendorfer salons.

Tickets | 15 € /10 €
STANDARD-Abovorteil / Ö1 Club

Photos: Kovacic (artwork by Alvarez), Angélica Castelló, Stefan Fuhrer