by Grzegorz Krawiec
Polen, 2019

A train stops in a middle of nowhere because of a girl jumping in front of it. It's summer, so while waiting for the police, the passengers leave the hot train and start to have a picnic nearby, just few meters away from the dead body. There is beer, polish sausages, sun cream and a lot of gossiping about why the girl committed suicide. People seem to be angrier at the train being held up than caring about the girl's death. But who or what was a real reason behind her demise?

Grzegorz Krawiec | Director, Writer
Anna Stańko | Writer
Joanna Rybus, Samira Pruszyńska, Stanisław Dziedzic, Studio Munka, Jerzy Kapuściński, Ewa Jastrzębska | Producer


Mikołaj Chroboczek | Julian
Michalina Rodak | Sylwia
Mariusz Drężek | Manager
Piotr Czarniecki | Kierownik Pociągu
Mirosław Henke | Władek
Kaja Zagajewska | Aniołe



10 October | 15:30
Report On A Termination
It's Not the End of The World