by Luis Suarez Bracho
Spanien, 2021

In a rural setting, a young nun, disenchanted with her faith, wishes to hang up her habits and looks into suicide as the immediate solution to her reality.

Director's statement: The idea came from a discussion with friends about freedom and its forms, about those things that shape us that we hardly know, about the pre-established molds, about the archetypal figures, those that prevent us from discovering our true mission and vocation.

In my opinion, each one of us is born with a mission and our objective in this life is to discover which is that mission or vocation? Each one of us has a natural vocation but for this discovery to reveal itself to us, we must first travel the road of research and error, without anyone or anything can intercede for us.

That is why we, as co-creators of existence, by initiating this personal search, it is possible to build our own reality and therefore also a collective one, that place where we do not arrive to know it but to recognize it.

Luis Suarez Bracho | Director, Writer, Producer, Editor
Alejandro Iodice | Director of Photography
Roberto Tarzieris | Sound, Sound mix, Music
Juan Humberto Rodríguez | Color correction



8 October | 17:30
I’m Coming From That Crowded City
Community Gardens