Blue Distance

by Devin Jie Allen
USA, 2021

Occupying gaps in memory and history, Blue Distance serves as a personal and poetic intervention into the filmmaker’s familial immigration story. The film places in communion the mythic powers of cinema and the production of personal & cultural histories. Underpinning these tensions is the immigratory reality of occupying stolen land while trying to secure one’s own actualization.

Devin Jie Allen's work combines documentary tendencies with an aesthetic approach more often found in fictional works. This dialectical approach helps give rise to a realm where socio-culturally informed image making is in dialogue with myth making. Devin's work tries to understand how the racialized-self comes to form meaning on stolen land. When histories go unrecorded or forgotten, what fills in the gaps?

Devin Jie Allen| Director, Writer, Producer
Jack Hogan | Assistant Camera
Maxwell Cantrell | Foley Art



9 October | 17:30
Liebes Leben
Hoda's House
Vincent before Noon
Blue Distance