Hidden Dimensions by Rachel Borovska & Aref Dashti

Correlating with the very first Voyager Golden Record, a schematic interstellar contextualization and a compressed representation of mankind and its cultural achievements, carried by a spacecraft to possible extra-terrestrial beings, Hidden Dimensions is an intervention and an introduced methodology of translating and sharing information about the existing space of REAKTOR. Rachel Borovska and Aref Dashti create cryptic spatial and linguistic compositions unfolding an alternative narration about REAKTOR’s condition.

According to this narrative an extra-terrestrial society dwelled and explored the building’s interiors for generations during its transitional state, between 1960 and 2018, from Grand Etablissement Gschwandner to REAKTOR. In the course of the structure’s renovation in 2017, several cryptic objects from this phase had been found and were sent for investigation to artists, linguists and sonologists. Since then these experts worked on decoding the objects left behind. Their findings suggest that their purpose was to explain the very fundamental functions of the site and the universe on the basis of form and sound.

Among the fragmented evidence are references to an expandable universe theorem, to orientation, to scale, to sequences and to terrestrial as well as interstellar fundamental points, that have been found encoded in the objects on display.

While staying on earth each visitor is invited to experience the exhibition as a space farer into unchartered spheres finding individual approaches for decoding and translating the objects and sounds. Borovska and Dashti understand “Hidden Dimensions” as an invitation to sensing and hearing REAKTOR and expanding the recipients’ limits of perception.

The open call REAKTOR Potenziale's first edition attracted over 230 submissions from artists from 55 countries. Rachel Borovska and Aref Dashti were invited to further research their concept during summer and while visiting REAKTOR. The exhibition will show the first REAKTOR Potenziale concept realization.

Sound composition: Stefano Sgarbi

Exhibition | October 2019

Foto | Sebastian Jobst

Hidden Dimensions Poster

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