A Late Summer's Night


colour | 73 min. | 35mm | Russian Original with English subtitles | A 2011

Cast off from any civilization a group of lovers is awaiting the end of the world.

A barbecue is being held in front of a mountain hut. The host, a bus driver, is celebrating his retirement. He has invited four women with whom he always flirted while driving. One of the women is a single mother. She leaves her eleven years old daughter alone for the weekend. The girl is terribly disappointed and casts a spell, wishing her mother dead and the whole world to collapse.
While the little party in the mountains is getting acquainted all of a sudden combat jets are flying unusually low over the group and a large helicopter is attempting a landing on the forest street right in front of the mountain hut. An unusual thunderstorm followed by a trembling of the earth alarms the festive company, after having enjoyed up to now a relaxed and flirtatious atmosphere.
Cast off from any civilization they are now trying to spend their allegedly last evening in a meaningful way.

Producer, script writer, production designer, director, cinematographer, editor
Bernhard Kammel


Conny - Sofia Kuzeva-Tchernev | Sonja - Anna Sinyakina | Pater Lukas - Gregory Hlady | Ruth - Alla Kljuka-Shaffer | Alfred - Victor Lanberg | Tom - Kirill Käro | Fritz - Dmitry Murashev | Mira - Ksenia Agarkova | Niels - Martin Geraskov | Sil - Krista Tchernev | Traktorfahrer - Ernst Zöchling Voices: Conny - Ekaterina Fedulova | Alfred Nikolay Popkov | Niels - Aleksey Solovjev | Sil - Anna Kudrjavzeva


Art director: Lyudmila Kusakova | Composer: Franz Hautzinger | Costume: Svetlana Titova | Make-up artists: Larisa Sverba, Ivon Ivanova | Sound engineers: Evgeny Pozdnyakov, Vladimir Kalojanov | Editor: Bernhard Kammel | Decoration: Boris Tandelov, Emil Ivanov | Stage painter: Olga Abramova | Make-up: Sergey Barykin, Svetlana Chikaneva, Natalya Koroleva | Costumer: Vjarka Sirkova

Assistant group 1. Assistent director: Vladimir Sverba | Assistant director/script: Natalya Shuvalova | Assistant director/requisite: Nina Schtscherbakova | Assistant director/stage set: Elena Kaylova | Focus puller: Roland Adamson | Loader: Ilja Vasiljev | Boom operator: Aleksandr Kochubey, Kirill Kaloyanov | Assistant editor: Lena Kammel | Assistant director dubbing: Vladimir Sverba | Costume assistant: Anna Ladygina | Photographer: Olesya Livshits | Special effects: Tissi Brandstetter | Dolly: Eduard Pisarenko, Edgar Pisarenko | Camera crane: Wolfgang Kowald | Gaffer: Martin Kotev | Best boys: Petko Lungov, Ltschezar Lazarov | Genny operator: Gennady Markin Administrative group 1. Production assistant: Lena Kammel | Production assistants in Moscow: Irina Parkevich, Galina Aleshina | Accountant: Stephan Kalesse | Cook: Slavey Milushev | Cook helper: Viktor Avilkin | Location manager: Natalya Sazonova | Unit manager: Dmitry Zaytsev, Pantscho Tchernev

Postproduktion Negativ MEDIA FACTORY BERLIN Postproduction supervisors: Tom Dülks, Walter Just | Negative development: Andy Haas, Sascha Ristow | HD-scanning: Michael Hessling, Daniel Kraus | Digitale retouching: Walter Just | Assistent cutter Avid: Michal Suminski | IT-administrator: Daniel Krug | Negativ cutter: Karl-Heinz Wege Digital Cinema Engineering DIGIMEX FRANKFURT/MAIN 3k Negativ scan: Milovan Kristo | Digital color management: Alexandra Wesche | Digital cinema mastering/Digital image processing: Alexander Eichmüller, Milovan Kristo Titel design: Lena Kammel

Postproduction sound TREMENS-FILM TONSTUDIO Re recording mixer: Bernhard Maisch | Sound designer: Bernhard Bamberger | Foley sound recordist: Philipp Kemptner | Foley artist: Andreas Schneider | Sound editor foley: Hannes Eder | Sound recordist ADR: Martin Greunz | Sound assistent ADR: Thomas Janda | Sound edtitor ADR: Martin Greunz | Dolby consulter: Christian Lerch

Music recorded at GARNISONGASSE STUDIOS Recording engineer and editor: Martin Siewert | Band leader und trumpet: Franz Hautzinger | Trombone: Hilary Jeffrey | Elektric guitar: Bernhard Hammer | Double bass: Jakob Schneidewind | Drums: Bernhard Breuer

Translation of script from German into Russian Lena Kammel

Theological conseling: Pater Pius Maurer, O.Cist., Univ. Prof., Pater Benedictus Dissel, O.Cist., lic.theol.

EAGLE HELICOPTER Helicopter Super Puma AS 332 C1 - Pilot Thomas Bolzli

Decoration: Ferdinand Prinz Catering: Martin Schacherl © Plasma Film GmbH, 2011 - all rights reserved.


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