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by Anu Menon


Thursday, 07/06, 19:00

India, 2015
1h 32min, English/Hindi, Format: 35mm Digital Capture, Frame Rate: 24, Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1

A retired professor whose wife has been in a coma for eight months meets a terrified young woman, whose husband has slipped into coma after a sudden accident. Will grief drive them both insane, or can two lonely strangers support each other?  

At the heart of it, Waiting is a film about a special relationship between two people who befriend each other unexpectedly in a hospital while nursing their individual spouses in coma. It is a film about grief, yes, but it is also about confronting it. Tenderly and humorously, the film besets you with its central query—what does it really mean to love someone—is it to let go of your beloved in spite of your emotional need for them or is it to unconditionally accept them in whichever shape or form they are. Shiv and Tara, the protagonists of ‘Waiting’ discover that there are no easy answers to the human predicament bound to suffering and grief, unless they shift their own ideas of attachment and love. Finding a foil and a mirror in each other, they tumble together on this journey of their inner transformation, even as their world is falling apart externally.
(Text: Waiting)

Director | Anu Menon
Producer | Priti Gupta & Manish Mundra
Production Company | Ishka Films & Drishyam Films

Shiv| Naseeruddin Shah
Tara | Kalki Koechlin
Dr. Nirupam | Rajat Kapoor
Pankaja (Shiv’s wife) | Suhasini Maniratnam
Rajat (Tara’s husband) | Arjun Mathur

Story & Screenplay | Anu Menon & Jimmy Ruzicka
Dialogue Writer | Atika Chohan
Cinematographer | Neha Parti Matyani
Editors | Nitin Baid & Apurva Asrani
Music Composer | Mikey McCleary
Location Sync Sound Recording | Mandar Kamlapurkar
Sound Editing, Designing & Mixing | Roland Heap
Production Designer | Prajakta Ghate
Costume Designer | Shroboshi Samata