Teatro delle Allucinazioni | Wien Modern


The Ensemble Reconsil issued a call for scores in 2016, focusing on contemporary classical music, and more than 200 composers submitted scores, more than a quarter of them from Austria. Based on these submissions a three-part concert cycle was created, scheduled for this autumn at REAKTOR under the baton of the rising young guest conductor Yalda Zamani. This new form of curating by the young Austrian composers Peter Jakober and Manuela Kerer offers a fresh new take on programming. Unconventional forms of presentation are tried out and the featured works woven into an unmistakable whole.

The concert, "Teatro delle Allucinazioni", is part of the programme of Wien Modern.

Reconsil was founded in 2002 by Roland Freisitzer, Thomas Heinisch and Alexander Wagendristel. It has since established itself as an important part of Vienna’s New Music scene, performing the world premieres of more than 200 works.

Reconsil, Ensemble
Yalda Zamani, Conductor


Yoav Chorev (ISR/AT)

ahimsa (2015-2017) UA

Grzegorz Pieniek (PL/AT)

Idyll (2014)

Alexander Kaiser (AT)

Choke (2016)

Anna Korsun, Sergey Khismatov (UKR)

Rock. Scissors. Paper (2010) EA

Shahriyar Farshid (IR/AT)

Amorphen IX (2015)

Antonio Agostini (IT)

Scene dal Teatro delle Allucinazioni (2016) EA

Alvin Lucier (US)

Tyndall Orchestration (1976)

Reconsil | 12.12.2017