REAKTOR Potenziale #4 | Tintin Patrone



14.10. - 15.10.2022

Friday, 14 October, 7pm
Saturday, 15 October, 7pm

All tickets 5€

For leontopodium_fortuna.wav, TinTin Patrone had the texts of madrigals, pastoral poems and folk songs analyzed by an artificial intelligence and further set the task to form a new original libretti. From the abundance of primary texts, the machine was supposed to distill the content and atmospheric core of the alpine and shepherd idyll and came up with amazingly uncanny text creations.

In keeping with the hybrid authorship between the artist and the AI ​​of the libretto, the vocal interpretation of the texts is also created in the interplay between a collective of previously recorded singers and a robotic goat as well as a hologram, which as vocal mediators give the recordings a performative body.

The romanticism of the Alps contrasts with the comic-like, distorted working world of the gig economy. Under the watchful eyes of the goat and the hologram, performers produce useless things on archaic-looking apparatuses and, as a by-product, noises for the soundscape in the Great Hall of the REAKTOR.

In leontopodium_fortuna.wav, the German-Filipino composer, musician and performance and sound artist TinTin Patrone skilfully weaves the elements of a digital chamber opera, performance and the immersive setting into a shrill media work about ideology, longing and modern working environments.

TinTin Patrone is a German-Filipino composer, musician, performance and sound artist. TinTin Patrone founded the Krachkisten Orchestra group in 2009 and the International MusicMotorcycleClub in 2012, while running various individual musical and artistic projects at the same time. The connection between music, art, sound and experimental gesture is the general field that TinTin Patrone is interested in. A focus of her creations is on the visual elements of music, the tension between conceptual ideas and physical existence, and how we engage with music individually and as a society.

Gesang: Kaoko Amano & Johann Leutgeb

Performer*innen: Juri Baumgartner, Annika Lorenz, Julia Müllner, Alexander Novak

Previous iterations of the production are funded by Musikfonds e. V. with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media, as part of the NEUSTART KULTUR special program and from the Hamburg Cultural Foundation

(c) eSeL

Sujet: (c) TinTin Patrone - The subject was generated by an AI based on a text description by the artist.