blurred thresholds


blurred thresholds



Platypus Ensemble
Leitung: Jaime Wolfson


Bernhard Gander (AUT) | Schlechtecharakterstücke für Violine, Violoncello und Klavier

Dmitri Kourliandski (RUS) | Punctuation Marks für Flöte, Klarinette, Violine, Violoncello und Klavier

Lisa Streich (SWE) | Asche für Klarinette und Violoncello

Nava Hemyari | Euthanasia (Version 1) + Euthanasia (Version 2)

Raphaël Cendo (FRA) | Rokh I für Flöte, Klavier, Violine und Violoncello

Reinhold Schinwald (AUT) | Grid – for Agnes Martin für Ensemble

Music in the extremes: The Platypus Ensemble presents a programme that pushes contrasts in dynamics and density to their limits. Screaming sounds as well as the finest shadings in the lowest dynamic range characterise the works that will be performed in the concert. R. Cendo's and B. Gander's works are characterised by startling, highly virtuosic gestures and block-like structures, while the music of D. Kourliandski and R. Schinwald, respectively, goes to the limits of audibility with the finest, nuanced textures. The works of N. Hemyari and L. Streich, on the other hand, unite both extremes in equal measure. Never leaving the border areas, the music of the programme is as if on the threshold of the abyss and forms a jagged, bizarre soundscape.

Tickets | € 15,– / 10,–

STANDARD-Abovorteil / Ö1 Club