Wien Modern 2022



Brauchen. Ein performativer Konzertabend (2022 UA) - 60'


Idee & Konzept
Marco Döttlinger, Thomas Hörl, Peter Jakober, Sebastian Jobst, Peter Kozek, Alexander Martinz, Anna Resch

Kompositionen von
Carola Bauckholt, Marco Döttlinger (UA), Peter Jakober (UA) und Alexander Martinz (UA).

Choreographie, Video, interaktive Objekte
Thomas Hörl & Peter Kozek

Projektmanagement, Produktionsleitung, interaktive Objekte
Sebastian Jobst & Anna Resch, Konnektom

Martine Altenburger (Cello), Tiziana Bertoncini (Violine), Fabrice Charles (Posaune), Isabelle Duthoit (Klarinette), Géraldine Keller (Sopran), Thomas Lehn (Klavier, Analogsynthesizer), Carl Ludwig Hübsch (Tuba), Lê Quan Ninh (Perkussion), Angelika Sheridan (Flöte)

Alexander Yannilos

Live performer | Victoria Ferreri, Aleksandar Gabrovski, Sebastiano Sing

MULundMAT, Video performer | Milan Loviška, Victoria Ferreri, Aleksandar Gabrovski, Peter Kozek, Thomas Hörl | Kamera/Schnitt: Francesca Centonze

Unnesko II (Version Applausus) | Zirbenholzobjekt, Massivholz, unbehandelt, 250 x 250 x 50 cm, Thomas Hörl 2014
Rautenballett | genähte, bemalte und gezeichnete Vorhänge, Futterstoff, Acryl, Bleistift, Farbstift, Maße variabel, Thomas Hörl 2016-18

People have always gathered to experience music together. Customs, rituals and norms may vary in detail, but they share a common core that connects musicians and audiences. Music needs not only musicians, instruments, space, seating and recipients, but is often imperceptibly structured and interwoven by gestures, conventions and processes. Marco Döttlinger, Thomas Hörl, Peter Jakober, Sebastian Jobst, Peter Kozek, Alexander Martinz and Anna Resch trace precisely this need in a transmedial concert evening. Space, gesture, performance rhythm and the relationship between the stage and the audience, which will play a special role as self-aware recipients, will be analysed. The customs of attending a classical concert will be interwoven with the gestures of vernacular musical tradition, expectations will be reflected upon, and the evening will be made to breathe through condensation and contemplation.

The individual members of the project team have already worked together in various constellations on concerts, film productions, art exhibitions and performances. For Brauchen, they combined their experience and know-how to conceive a multi-layered work that can be experienced. Marco Döttlinger, Peter Jakober and Alexander Martinz composed works especially for Brauchen. As a versatile border crosser, ensemble]h[iatus will mediate between music and performance. Thomas Hörl & Peter Kozek's projections and choreography will enter into dialogue with the music and make everyday rituals visible with the interactive environment (objects, wearables, spatial interventions) developed together with the Konnektom.

Author: Sebastian Jobst


Weitere Termine
12.11.2022 | 19:30 | REAKTOR

Produktion Konnektom
Koproduktion Reaktor, Wien Modern und Association Ryoanji
Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von Stadt Wien Kultur, BMKÖS, SKE der Austro Mechana, Otto Mauer Fonds und Institut Français d’Autriche Wien

Fotos: - Lorenz Seidler

Collage: Thomas Hörl & Sebastian Jobst