A Small Insignificant Love


by Larisa Crunțeanu



Romania, 2019

A former TV actress revisits the characters and actors that she co-starred in the popular Romanian soap-opera „Forbidden Love“, years after the show was aired. The amateur actors relive the shared experience on the set, going through the stories, the betrayal and the madness that made up their lives on screen. While they reflect upon their roles as part of a love triangle gone mad, the absurdities of fictional reality-tv become more and more visible. Were they just instruments in a plot written by an invisible hand or did they manage to create a humane story by their own modest means?
Larisa Crunțeanu mixes the original footage with interviews and new fictional sequences that continue and exhaust the original narrative, pushing the limits of documentary film towards new performative and experimental territories. The roles of The Cheating Lover, The Cheated Lover, The Cheating Father and The Mistress of Both the Father and the Lover become empty receptacles ready to be filled with clichés. Television has invaded their souls and educated them: how to talk, how to confess, how to love, how to cheat, how to display emotion in front of a camera.

Larisa Crunțeanu | Director, Writer, Producer
Ada Solomon | Producer


Larisa Crunțeanu
Ionuț Grancea
Vasile Nistor
Ioana Andrei
Alexandru Dan