REAKTOR Potenziale | Call for Concepts 2023/24

No open call at the moment

REAKTOR is looking for works and mindsets that have a strong reference to the present moment and thus become candidates for timeless permanence. The reference to the present is not understood here as conformity to the currently traded collection of interpretations, but as the perception of being fully present in the here and now.

Due to the structural possibilities of exhibiting large objects or stagings in the large hall, the call for submissions is particularly open to projects that take up a lot of space.

The application process is one-stage. A description, sketches and an enclosed portfolio of previous works are sufficient. A budget of up to € 3,500 and technical support from the REAKTOR production team is granted. The total duration of the installation and exhibition is limited to 10 days.

Criteria for the selection

  •  Sensual and intellectual comprehensibility of the works of art
  •  Conceptual depth and material, sensual precision
  •  Preference will be given to projects that utilize the high spatial volume of the large hall.
  •  Site specificity | the project was never exhibited before in the proposed form
  •  Novelty & originality of the concept
  •  Feasibility | budget, safety of the audience.

The submission deadline for 2023/24 has expired.

We would like to thank you for the many wonderful submissions.

The selected artist will exhibit his project starting with 25th of July 2024.