Freak Folks

by Patrick T. Lo
Canada, 2020
30 min

Stills from Freak Folks, Patrick T. Lo

Struggling with anxious thoughts, six individuals wander through Toronto alone in the late hours of the night. "Freak Folks" is a poetically introspective and therapeutic experience that celebrates bright city streetlights, the collective optimism of apparent strangers, and the surging resilience within us that propels our lives onward.

Patrick T. Lo | Director, Writer
Sergey Maydin | Director of Photography


Shreya Patel, Gordon Harper, Richard Chuang, Sandra Castillo, Daniel Coo, Soli Joy | Key Cast



9 October | 19:30
Freak Folks
Stay Awake, be Ready
Verklärte Nacht
Dial'nica desat'