REAKTOR, a new private exhibition space in Vienna, will open in the autumn of 2017 in the premises of the former Grand Etablissement Gschwandner. 1,200 square metres of exhibition and event space will combine various artistic forms of expression, making them available to the public. The formal focus is on music, the visual arts, dance, literature and film. The programme is oriented towards themes on society’s event horizon, as perceived through the transdisciplinary means of art.

A high artistic standard, critical questioning, enjoyment and aesthetics complement each other at REAKTOR. Visitors find a varied balance of critical positions, sensual experiences and surprising cross-links. The goal of the programming and presentation is to offer visitors a free space for their individual perspectives on the works displayed.


Bernhard Kammel, film director and producer, founded REAKTOR as an autonomous institution for the arts. He joins forces with Anna Resch and Sebastian Jobst of Konnektom – sharing the responsibility for the artistic directorship and management of REAKTOR. Funded entirely by private resources, the house enjoys economic and political independence. In order to preserve this independence, the venue will be rented out for selected private events.


Architecturally, the building occupied by REAKTOR has been shaped by the classicist style of the turn of the 19th/20th century and by its former usage for balls, exhibitions, concerts and lectures during its time as Etablissement Gschwandner. After its closing in 1960, the building was first used as a radio factory and later on as a storage space for theatrical sets; in 2017 it is being restored and opened to the public again under the title REAKTOR.
The centrepiece of REAKTOR consists of three halls from different historical building phases. Their generous configuration allows a high degree of flexibility for the presentation of art in all its forms and dimensions. As part of the restoration, the new infrastructure will enable multiple usages, including in particular a cinema with flexible seating.

Reaktor Großer Saal N S C Konnektom
Reaktor Großer Saal C Konnektom
Reaktor Bibliothek C Konnektom
Reaktor Kino C Konnektom

REAKTOR before the restauration.