Capriccio - The False Child

by Tobias Lenel
Germany, 2020

Stills aus Capriccio, Tobias Lenel

A summer film about empathy, lies and a false child: Lotta, a young vagabond tries to secure her inheritance and identity with a backpack full of drugs on an Odyssey through a Berlin rock-festival and a small polish farm. The famous and stuck empathy researcher Grosser will be confronted by his false daughter and will try to get his 70-year-old life back on track.

Tobias Lenel | Director , Writer, Producer
Richard Marx | Director of Photography, Producer


Paula K├Ânig | Lotta
Michael Rastl | Grosser
Kamil Baryla | Ferdynand



8 October | 21:30
A Message From the Last Summer
Capriccio - The False Child