Alpha Beta Gamma

by Shankar Srikuma

India, 2021

105 min

Stills from Alpha Beta Gamma

It is the time of the pandemic and two years since actor-director Chiranjeev Vashishth walked out on his wife Mitali. Chiranjeev and Mitali are now 'just friends'. Chiranjeev is dating film producer Kiran Sood and Mitali is with Raviraj Varma, her colleague from work. But when Mitali calls up Chiranjeev and asks him to officially divorce her so that she can marry Raviraj, something inside Chiranjeev snaps. He rushes to her house only to find Raviraj there. That morning two patients in that building test COVIC positive and the building is locked down. Mitali, Chiranjeev and Raviraj are stuck under the same roof for 14 days. Soon, jealousy and regret take over Chiranjeev. As passion sparks violent reactions between three individuals caught in their personal dilemmas, will it destroy lives, or will with no way to go but inside, love in the time of corona survive.