Why We Are Unhappy in Cities


by Zhao Gang



China, 2020

"A youth's life falls into chaos following the breaking of his beloved lighter: his lover leaves him and he loses his job. The youth desperately seeks for a way to fix his lighter as a way to mend his ruined life, but in the process ends up losing the lighter itself. He tells his troubles to a foreign child, yet the child only wonders whether or not a certain bird in the sky is named Alice. One speaks English and the other Chinese, and the two end up speaking for quite some time despite not being able to understand each other.
When the youth finally sees his lighter again, he already has a newly born child, yet seeing the lighter in the hands of a stranger causes the youth to take desperate action ...
This is a film that explores the relationship between modern people and objects. When people create objects (commodities), they also become slaves of the objects, and even alienate themselves into the objects themselves-the plot where the heroine plays the model in the window accurately interprets this idea. And the actor finally disappeared in the chase of the items ... So this movie is also a parable about the city." Zhao Ganz

Zhao Ganz | Director, Writer, Producer

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