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by Ram


Friday, 08/06, 20:45

India, 2017
2h 30min, Tamil with English subtitles

Taramani, set in an upmarket glossy IT hub of the same name in Chennai, narrates the life of Althea Johnson, a free-spirited lady. Althea, who works as a HR in a corporate, has undergone a lot of terrible experiences in life: divorced from a man with a hidden sexual orientation and estranged from parents who antagonize her in some of the most stereotypical manner. Into this predicament falls the carefree and chatty Prabhunath who meets Althea in the midst of a heavy rainfall, and captivates her attention by recounting his love failure.

Althea nonetheless is weary of a romantic relationship and is more on the looked for a kindred spirit. Nonetheless, she falls for him and thus begins another journey of love, heartbreak, self-doubt, and redemption. The film is a satirical take on modern day relationships that stereotype women, while showing the flawed face of men.

The narration also delves deep into ‘complex’ issues like globalization, demonetization, ego, desire, greed, lust, hypocrisy, compassion, frustration and more.
(Text: Taramani)

Writer & Director | Ram
Producer |
Production Company | JSK Film Corporation

Althea Johnson| Andrea Jeremiah
Soumya| Anjali
Prabhunath | Vasanth Ravi
Adrian | Adrian Knight Jesly
Barnabas| Azhagamperumal
Assistant Commissioner of Police | Jsk
Assistant Commissioner’s Wife | Littie Antony
Saara (Althea’s Friend) | Saara George
Ankit (Althea’s Boss) | Abhishek D Shah
Jacob (Althea’s Gay Husband) | Nivas Adithan

Music | Yuvan Shankar Raja
Director of Photography | "Theni" Eswar
Editing | Sreekar Prasad
Art Director | Kumar Gangappan
Lyrics | Na Muthukumar
Sound Design | M Ravi
Sound Effects | M J Raju
Costume Designer | Veena Sankaranarayanan
P.R.O. | Suresh Chandra
Stills | Jaikumar Vairavan Designs | Nandan Jeeva