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by Arijit Biswas



India, 2017
120min, Bengali, English subtitles

Surjo Prithibir Chardike Ghore – The Sun Goes Round the Earth..for the last 40 years TC PAL has relentlessly written these words on the walls of Kolkata. Once employed with the army, TC PAL thought he has discovered a proof that will lay to rest the debate that no longer existed. Leaving the army, spending all his savings, deserted by his family, living in a makeshift tent on the roads of Kolkata, often chased and manhandled by people, he remains unfazed in his “struggle”. He lives on a meagre daily budget, and what he scrounges and earns, sometimes as a daily labor, goes in printing the pamphlets of the fourteen proofs that will change the world. He often distributes them free. He is not bitter…Galileo suffered the same fate he says. Someday..he knows…the truth must prevail.

In the same 40 years, in which TC Pal held strong to his theory..the longest standing communist government has risen and fallen in the state of Bengal. Kolkata witnessed the journey in all it’s shade…from the radical naxals to the gentleman’s Marxism..

Arijit Biswas | Director, Writer
AVA Film Productions Pvt. Ltd | Producer

Chiranjeet Chakraborty | "Chirantan Chatterjee”
Anjan Dutt | “Sanjib Basu”
Meghnad Bhattacharya | “TC Pal”
Sreela Majumdar | “Mitali”
Pallavi Chatterjee | “Rimi”