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by Gajendra Ahire


Saturday, 09/06, 17:00

India, 2017
Marathi with English subtitles

Arvind, a retired widower, has been living alone in his apartment in Pune. He follows a set routine that includes video chatting with his children and grandchildren in America. One day, Arvind has a fall in the bathroom. He's fine but his children are adamant that he has to move to the US. With a heavy heart, Arvind agrees. As he is packing his belongings, he comes across an old letter reminding him of some unfinished business...

Director | Gajendra Ahire
Producer | Deepak Kumar

Dilip Prabhavalkar, Priya Bapat, Kishore Kadam, Vrinda Gajendra, Alok

Story | Gajendra Ahire
Script/Screenplay | Gajendra Ahire
Director of Photography | Krishna Kumar Soren
Editor | Kutub Inamdar
Music | Narendra Bhide
Sound Design | Narendra Bhide
Production Design | Rohan Shah, Amar Singh