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Love and Shukla


by Siddartha Jatla


Saturday, 09/06, 14:45

India, 2017
1h 47min, English with English subtitles

Love and Shukla is the story of sex, love and the search for privacy in a small, one-room Mumbai chawl. Shukla, an auto driver from an orthodox Brahmin family, has never intimately known a woman other than the celluloid starlets he watches every day on the 4 inch display of his mobile phone. When his mother arranges his sudden marriage, Shukla and his new wife face the experience of more than 55% of couples in Mumbai: a new marriage, no experience in a relationship and a joint family love nest that offers no space for sex, much less a conversation. Their only respite is a line of old suitcases set up by his father to separate them from the family, a cell phone and a city of 18 million eyes.

Director | Siddartha Jatla
Story/Screenplay | Siddartha Jatla and Amanda Mooney
Producer | Siddartha Jatla and Amanda Mooney

Shukla | Saharsh Kumar Shukla
Lakshmi | Taneea Rajawat
Rupa | Hima Singh
Mother | Aparna Upadhyay, Mother
Father | Loknath Tiwari, Father
Friend 1 | Amol Deshmukh
Friend 2 | Ganesh Kumar
Friend 3 | Shahnawaz Alam
Sunil | Sambhaji Shivaji Sasane


Additional Dialogues and Hindi Translation | Nassim Shah
Cinematography | Siddartha Jatla
Music | Karl Heortweard
Executive Producer | Rahul Sootar
Art | Vikram Singh
Associate Directors | Yogesh Shrike and Khushboo Upadhyay
Edited | Siddartha Jatla, Amanda Mooney, Srijan Chaurasia
Sound Design | Akshay Murthy
Location Sound | Roshan Pathak, Rohith Pathak