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by Pushpendra Singh



India, 2014
63min, Hindi with English subtitles, HD

Based on a folk tale by legendary writer Vijaydan Detha, this love story is set in Rajasthan’s Thar Desert. A group of conservative women on their daily long trek to collect water enjoy their brief parole from scrutiny by doffing their veils reciting songs and talking of hidden desires. But hidebound  Lajwanti  keeps her veil and as the others mock her, she follows but at a distance. When a strange man crosses their path, Lajwanti is struck by his silent commitment to collecting doves. This encounter starts Lajwanti on a startling journey of self-discovery.
(Text: Lajwanti)

Director & Producer | Pushpendra Singh
Production Company | Marudhar Arts

Lajwanti | Sanghmitra Hitaishi
Man with the doves | Pushpendra Singh
Sister-in law | Pooja Sapera
Husband | Gaurav Lavaniya
Elder Woman | Sugna Devi
Other Women | Nirmal Sapera, Kanchan Terataal, Geeta Terataal, Mamta Sapera, Soniya Sapera

Story | Vijaydan Detha
Screenplay, Art, Costumes, Direction & Production | Pushpendra Singh
Camera | Ravi Kiran Ayyagari
Editor | Shweta Rai
Sound | Amala Popuri
Sound Mixing | Niraj Gera
Co-producer | Sanjay Gulati