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Haal-E-Kangaal / The Bankrupts


by Ramchandra PN



India, 2014
1h 45min, Hindi with English subtitles

Two filmmaker friends meet after fourteen years and have to spend a span of about eight hours together.  As they celebrate the re-union one narrates a story of a possible film to another.  But soon, as the secession turns into a game of one up-man-ship their bizarre past catches up with them central to this is the fatherhood of a fourteen year old girl!  The duo by the end realise that they are as bankrupt as ever, in all sense of the word.

Director’s Note
Despite making two award winning feature films, when producers weren’t forthcoming for the third, I decided to take things on my own hands. Instead of selecting a subject and then looking at how it can be put together into a film, I decided to work the other way. I figured out what facility I had and then devised a suitable subject accordingly. An access to a HD production set up, the goodwill of a committed cast and crew and the keys to a modest flat in a city led me to decide on a film on a subject that I know the most – filmmaking itself.

Director | Ramchandra PN

Niraj Sah
Hemant Mahaur