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Chronicles of Hari


by Ananya Kasaravalli


Saturday, 09/06, 12:15

India, 2016
2h, Kannada with English subtitles

Chronicles of Hari) is set in a coastal town of southern India. It narrates the story of a Yakshagana artist Hari who has gained extreme popularity portraying female roles. The story of Hari’s life unfolds through different perspectives captured in three episodes across four audio-visual interviews conducted by filmmakers Sharmila and Sundar, primarily interested in investigating and documenting on his whereabouts.

Krishnamurthy, Shrunga Vasudevan

Producers | Amruta Patil, Basant Kumar Patil
Music | Bindumalini, Narayanaswami
Cinematography | Udit Khurana, Balaji Manohar
Film Editing | Mohan Kamakshi
Camera & Electrical Department | Balaji Manohar