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Meta Drčar

Frame Series


Meta Drčar explores novel modes of activating architectural settings to stimulate viewers’ spatial engagement. For Frame Series, Drčar will exhibit site-specific works that address REAKTOR's proportions by interpreting them into large-scale conceptual objects.

Meta Drčar, born in Slovenia, lives and works in Paris. In her artistic approach she combines her experiences from her dance and fine arts education, creating installations that establish parallels between sculpture and architectural space. Lately she exhibited her work at ArtNight, London, at the Palazzo Monti in Brescia and in the scope of Nuit Blanche in Paris.

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Opening | 04.04.2019, 18:00 | On the evening of the opening a concert in cooperation with Bösendorfer and SKICA will take place with free admittance.

Artist Talk | 09.04.2019, 19:00

Supported by KulturKontakt Austria and the Federal Chancellery of Austria


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