Tickets can be purchased online in advance and directly at REAKTOR on the day of the event, half an hour before the event.

The presenter reserves the right to make the usual changes to cast and programmes (e.g. changes to the cast of plays or performances, changes to the sequence of events, minor changes to start times, changes of artists, minor changes to the sequence of works in the case of concerts, etc.); under no circumstances shall such changes give cause to claims for refunds or reduction of ticket prices.

The visitor declares that prior to purchasing tickets, he/she has made use of the information provided to inform himself/herself about the location and nature of the event, youth protection regulations and the programme, the time and duration of the event, and that the event is suitable for his/her purposes.

By visiting events at REAKTOR, visitors agree to the photographic documentation, video or audio recordings. If you want to avoid this, please inform REAKTOR's staff or send a message to