REAKTOR Indian Film Festival


Contemporary art house films from India

07.06. - 10.06.2018

The REAKTOR was set up for an authentic transfer of art to the audience. The programme content is determined by the artists themselves. The 1st REAKTOR Indian Film Festival – the very first film festival to be held at the Reaktor – is therefore curated by the programme co-ordinator and Mumbai film producer Vivek Singhania and by the festival director Bernhard Kammel, a film director and producer and REAKTOR's director from Vienna.

"Audiences can look forward to a choice selection of art house films from India’s incredibly vast cinematographic output, touching on the huge diversity of regions, stories, and realities of life. These are wonderful films. The human condition reflected in a distant yet immediate and proximate mirror. The foreign somehow familiar, and the familiar somehow foreign. Cinematic intensity and Freudian snips. Opulent vividness in the abyss. Virtuosity of cinematic language and simplicity of narrative. Magicians of film. The audience pauses, and time stands still. Coiled around our feet the snake lies dormant, with one eye open, burning bright and yellow. Its neck fur bristles if we try to stand up to applaud. So let’s stay seated and wait for the next film, already whirring on the server."
Bernhard Kammel

"I thought in the inaugural year we should invite good art house films from across India in different languages, from different states and reflecting social culture and norms from different strata of society and over different periods of time. Incredible India truly has so much to offer and this being the first ever Film Festival of Art House Indian films in Austria I could present such a vast spectrum of films to Austrian cine buffs."
Vivek Singhania

07/06 - Opening

Talking of Michelangelo
by Modhurima Sinha

by Anu Menon

08/06 - 2nd day

by Aneek Chaudhuri

by Ram

09/06 - 3rd day

by Pushpendra Singh

Chronicles of Hari
by Ananya Kasaravalli

Love and Shukla
by Siddartha Jatla

by Gajendra Ahire

by Reema Borah

10/06 - 4th day

Neecha Nagar
by Chetan Anand

by Abhaya Simha

by Shanawaz Nellikunnil

Ralang Road
by Karma Takapa