Junge Musik


Wiener Musikschulen in Kooperation mit Wien Modern



6 pm

The goal of the concert Junge Musik (young music) is to bring young people in contact with recent music. As far as possible, the composers are involved in the set-up of the concerts, and schoolchildren are encouraged to compose as well. This time the line-up includes, among others, compositions and graphic scores by Dieter Schnebel and the ensemble FC Alterlaa – a group of schoolchildren who have been looking at graphic scores and working on their own concepts for two years. A special feature of this evening is the two pianos tuned in quarter-tone distance that will be there, and on which excerpts from Ivan Wyschnegradsky’s 24 Préludes op. 22 for two pianos will be performed. (Cordula Bösze)


SchülerInnen der Musikschule Wien
Cordula Bösze, Dramaturgie, Moderation
Michael Weber, Dramaturgie, Organisation


Ein Projekt der IGNM Sektion Österreich und der Musikschule Wien. Organisation und Dramaturgie: Cordula Bösze und Michael Weber. Produktion IGNM Sektion Österreich, Musikschule Wien, Johann Sebastian Bach Musikschule und Wien Modern

Text: Wien Modern

Foto: Robert Herbst

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