Chasing Nature into Abstraction


by Suchart Wannaset



Austria, 2020

The video, a constellation of three cohering, moving images embedded in a multichannel video deals with a longing driven by processed memories, dreams, instincts, transformations, spheres and nature.

On a journey I am searching for my grandparents in a metaphoric way.

Traveling around aimlessly, I cross the seemingly unfathomable jungle, the sea and a lonely, abandoned civilization.

The image of nature is indeed reality, but it is perceived differently. Nature is composed by transformation between human and animal in a diffused and surreal way.

Rapid movements to some extent and the tangible presence of the unknown lead to blurring of boundaries between reality and fiction. I ask nonverbal questions and give quiet answers, by interaction of the discovered virgin and non-virgin environment.

How will it go on? Where will I stop? When will I begin?

The topography of nature provides answers, but not to the questions asked.

New perspectives and perceptions are opened and expand the horizon in an unexpected way. Situation-related transformations are effected by smoothing internal and external landscapes during the journey.

A state of limbo arises in which you lose yourself, but cannot be lost.

The search turns out as a complex challenge and a clear boundary can no longer be defined. Although the answers are in front of us, they pass by unnoticed.

Suchart Wannaset | Director
Michael Schmidl | Camera
Daniel Stolzlederer | Sound