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by Shanawaz Nellikunnil



India, 2017
1h 33min, English and Hindi with English subtitles

If Roy's life, running a shack at Palolem seems like everybody's impression of a laid-back Goa, trouble bubbles from within this very idyll environment. 

The sugary, candy-life of Roy and his mates flips to its worst and what's left are brutal scars from unsavoury run-ins with secret occult practices, self-proclaimed godmen, a hunt for the mythical ayoshca seeds, drug mules, back-stabbing friends, murder, hallucinatory revelations, drugged-out cops and a deep longing for love.

What's left when life flips will shock audiences about Goa's seedy, underside.

Director | Shanawaz Nellikunnil
DOP | Nagaraj Rathinam
Editor | Anadi Athaley
Music | Naren Chadavarkar

Prashant Prakash
Kalki Koechlin
Valeriya Polyanychko
Prakash Raj
Gulshan Devaih