by Luzie Loose



Germany, 2019

"A NEW NORMAL is a stereoscopic essay film, that examines the question how to go on when everything has changed. A young man leaves his apartment in an old high-rise and wanders through deserted landscapes. Something is waiting for him out there, but what drives him forward is his desire to leave everything behind, even himself. A narrator recounts fragments and experiences of an everyday life following catastrophe. They bear no resemblance with the journey of the young man, but cannot be cleanly separated from them either. Stories start out as banal episodes about grocery shopping or commuting to work but reveal various strategies to engage with a profound crisis of identity. The 3D images are both an artistic and a narrative choice: they serve as a window into his thoughts and attempts to develop a new sense of normalcy."

Luzie Loose | Director
Paul Nungeßer | Writer, Camera


Daniel Sträßer
James Faulkner

Eine Produktion der Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg & der Filmuniversität Potsdam Babelsberg Konrad Wolf, 2019.

A NEW NORMAL is screened with the following films:

Toad, Leaf, Grass, Rock. by Federica Foglia
Field Resistance by Emily Drummer
FELD by Patrick Topitschnig
A New Normal by Luzie Loose
La Notte Salva by Giuseppe Boccassini

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